Special Guest Stars:

Justin Fletcher: Shaun The Sheep, Timmy

John Sparkes: Bitzer, The Farmer

Kate Habour: Timmy's mom

Rich Webber: Shirley

Mossy bottom farm 11:37 PM

Shaun the sheep: (Sleeping)

Shirley: (Eats Plants)

Timmy: (Crying)

Timmy: (Hands Teddy Bear)

The Pigs: (eating)

Shaun the Sheep: (Sleeping & Crash)

Shaun the sheep: (Huh):

All Sheep & Pigs: (All Huh & Walking)

Clones closed/open

All Sheep & Pigs: (All Screaming & Run)

Evil Sheep: (Evil Laugh)

Southdale High School day 8:00 PM

Megan: (Door Blues)

Lee: Well well megan, What up dude.

Megan: What is Taking about.