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Lee's personality is carefree and laid back attitude. He is shown that he doesnot like homework or schoolwork and is not the best student of getting good grades. Despite of him being a slacker to schoolwork it is show that he loves and have a passion for sports. He athletic which makes him popular in school. He plays basketball and football in school and he loves to do weight lifting and rock climbing. He is the oldest of his siblings but usually he acts like a kid. Lee enjoys teasing his siblings. He could be mature in some cases like in episode "Operation School Rivals", his siblings called him 'Dad' when he reminded Marc that he has a haircut appointment after school, and reminded Megan to finish her school science project, and also reminded Tony alout his lunch money.

Lee's last episode would air in 2009. He was replaced by Greg Clark.


In his normal appearance, Lee has auburn colored hair that seems to be in style in flat top. He has pale blue (sometimes grey) eyes, wears red short sleeved shirt with a white 'W' on it, brugundy colored pants, red shoes and a red and white whrist band. His spy suit and MP COM both are red colored.


Lee has claustrophobia, which means he can't stand small spaces and reacts to the point he gets really sweaty and causes him not to focus on the mission


Lee being the strongest one in his siblings and can carry heavy things which his siblings can't carry. He flies the jet and controls it with one team member, or with all his siblings, usually Marc or Megan take control of the jet. He is skilled in spy acrobatics like his siblings as well.


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